I don’t think a setting sun says goodbye
I think it leans down to say hello


Evermore was created on February 3rd 2020 using Bitsy Game Engine and deliberately uses the limitations of the engine to tell a simple, hopeful, narrative.

These limitations include:

  • A maximum of 2 frames of animation
  • The art being constructed of 16×16 pixel tiles on a 16×16 tile grid
  • A maximum of 3 colours

The text “someone, evermore” and “sunshine, evermore” are lines from the chorus of Moonshine by Caravan Palace, which directly inspired the work.


Thanks to these restraints, the HTML works on almost any device.

Either read the URI in Etherscan for this NFT or use this alternative Arweave Hash: DurBTgl15p6-UEpLwiXrIDvYAB-6z69j3Qzg6iiKjpE