Hi, I’m Haley!

That’s my full name! I’m based in Tyne & Wear, UK and I use they/them pronouns.

If one adjective described me, it’d be Dearest. My work is all about the things I love- and you should always love yourself above anything!

That’s why I celebrate the world through sculpture, and poetry. It’s also why I got into marketing.

If you love what you do, I want to help you do it. Sometimes that’s doing design work- like building a website or building brand assets. Sometimes that’s finding novel solutions through my Get Unstuck coaching plan. You can book a call with me right now and talk to me about what you need. Let’s make it happen.

Otherwise, stick around and check out some of the great stuff I’ve made- some of which is available at the Shop.

Ok! Have fun. Enjoy this site and all my others!



Alt text: A transparent png image of Haley, a non-binary artist, holding a wheelbarrow. Haley is standing in front of a plain light green background, and is wearing casual clothes and a wide smile. In the image, Haley is holding a green wheelbarrow with both hands, and to the left of Haley's right arm, there is a small banner that reads "Check out my work!" in bold letters.
Alt text: A transparent png image of a 10ft leopard slug sculpture on a light green background. The sculpture has intricate patterns and textures, and a banner in the lower right-hand corner reads "Check out my art!"

Getting it done.

Web Design

I build websites to show off what you love- and help you sell it.


Physical or digital, my art tells the stories that need to be told.


If you’ve got a platform that’s missing a voice, I’ll be that for you.


When you don’t know what you’re doing, I’ll find the answer.

Showing it off.

Web Design

Tycho Dorian

Most websites don’t last more than a year, but by building with longevity and usability in mind, Tycho has kept his website for over 5 years.

Virtual event

Nifty Pride

What started as an impromptu metaverse gathering was developed into a five-figure fundraising event for the LGBTQ+ community.

Art Commission

DBY Club

Discover how this organization’s mission was brought to life with a captivating on-brand animation, all completed well before the expected deadline.

Doing it right.

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Got a story to tell? Get in touch!

I accept mail from everyone, for any purpose. If you have any physical items you’d like me to have, my mail box is currently closed- please send me a message to schedule delivery!