Haley is a sculptor, specializing in both digital and physical mediums. With expertise in virtual reality and a keen eye for found materials, Haley uses both first-hand experience and secondary references to research and uncover overlooked narratives, creating works that spark curiosity and wonder in the viewer.

In their art, Haley explores the concept of reproduction, utilizing tools like 3D printing to turn digital sculptures into physical ones, and photogrammetry to turn physical sculptures into digital ones. This interplay between the digital and physical realms is a central theme in Haley’s work, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of art.

As a storyteller, Haley’s work ensures that even the most unremarkable stories are preserved for future generations. Through their research and exploration of systems for making art permanent, they guarantee that these important narratives will remain a part of the cultural canon long after they’re gone.

Alt text: A transparent png image of Haley, a non-binary artist, holding a wheelbarrow. Haley is standing in front of a plain light green background, and is wearing casual clothes and a wide smile. In the image, Haley is holding a green wheelbarrow with both hands, and to the left of Haley's right arm, there is a small banner that reads "Check out my work!" in bold letters.

Selected works.

Introducing Battle of the Ballot!

Introducing Battle of the Ballot!

Who do you want to win the election? No, not that one! Eight local poets will battle it out to become MP (Mighty Poet), campaigning through spoken word. With Haley as Host and Lewis Brown as electoral adjudicator, your vote matters more than ever! Battle of the Ballot...

Declare A Day One

Declare A Day One

The absolute most poisonous mindset you can put on yourself is that change is out of your control. I've dealt with so many toxic people (through their own actions and their mindset) and the most fundamental problem they all share is that they don't treat change as if...


Performance / Glitch Art - Photosensitivity WarningProgressive, high contrast glitching is paired with a casual look and performance in READERROR, taken as-is in the artist's studio.Haley's work frequently requires extensive research to develop new art, which is...

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